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Electronic Notice Board – Czech Nationals 2014

18 th Czech National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2014

18th Czech National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2014
Radesín, 23-28/09/2014


Signed final results, Total results
Tasks results
Measuring Report Sheets

Task sheet of Flight3 – FIN, GBM, HWZ, FON Continue reading

Electronic Notice Board of 40th French National Championship 2014

40th French National Championship 2014

Final results
Jury Final Report

Measuring Report Sheets

Complaint and Protest of Pilot#9 in Task#18 (EN)
Complaint and Protest of Pilot#9 in Task#18 (FR)

Task sheet of Flight8 CRAT, 3DT

Task sheet of Flight7 FIN, JDG
Meteo sheet of Flight7

Task sheet of Flight6 RTA, ANG, FON
Track of MapC, Image of MapC
Meteo sheet of Flight6

Task sheet of Flight5 MDD, WSD, FON
Meteo sheet of Flight5

Task sheet of Flight4 PDG, XDI, HWZ, LRN
Track of MapA, Image of MapA
Meteo sheet of Flight4

Task sheet of Flight3 FIN, JDG, FON
Meteo sheet of Flight3
PZs_CLP_v1.1 and PZ_CLP_Targets_1.1 is available here.

Task sheet of Flight2 PDG, FIN, HWZ, MDT, FON
Meteo sheet of Flight2

Task sheet of Flight1 FIN, JDG, LRN
Meteo sheet of Flight1

General Briefing Information is published at 12:30 19/08/2014.
Rules of 40th French National Championship 2014. (2 MB)

The waypoints of PZs and CLP. Tracks of additional powerlines; waypoints of the targets and CLP and PZs are updated here at 13:00 19/08/2014.
Competition map
in several formats (OziExplorer, CompeGPS, OZFX).
Unofficial but new (2012) map of Sablé-sur-Sarthe.

Official Schedule / Programme officiel

Tuesday 19 August / Mardi 19 août

14:00 – General briefing / Briefing général – Briefing room / Salle de briefing
Competition center / Centre de compétition, Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy
18:00 – Task briefing first flight / Briefing d’épreuve premier vol – Competition center / Centre de compétition Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy
21:00 – 23:00 Dinner / Dîner – Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy

From Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd August / Du Mercredi 20 au Vendredi 22 août

06:15 & 18:00 Task briefing / Briefings d’épreuve Briefing room / Salle de briefing

Meals / Créneaux repas

05:30 Breakfast / Petit déjeuner – Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy – Competition center / Tentes centre de compétition
Lunch / Déjeuner Restaurants partenaires
21:00 – 23:00 Dinner / Dîner – Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy Cafeteria / Cafétéria

Saturday 23rd August / JSamedi 23 août
06:15  Task briefing / Briefings d’épreuve – Briefing room / Salle de briefing

05:30 Breakfast / Petit déjeuner – Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy – Competition center / Tentes centre de compétition
Lunch / Déjeuner Restaurants partenaires

Evening / Soir Reserved flight / Vol de réserve

21:00 Closing ceremony / Remise des prix, Repas de Gala et Remise des prix

List of pilots (updated)

Country Surname Name Registration No. Balloon name
1. FRA SCHWARTZ Nicolas F-GYNS Saint Michel Jaune
2. FRA ODOUARD Jean-Philippe F-HCSM St Michel Force Verte
3. FRA LEGENDRE Patrick F-GXSM Saint-Michel 1
4. FRA BOLZE Stéphane F-HMSB St Michel
5. FRA MERCERON Thomas F-HCGV Conseil Général de Vendée
6. FRA MESSINES François F-HBFM St Michel
7. FRA SEIGEOT Clément F-HOTT Kubicek Demo
8. FRA PACAUD Laurent F-HGLP St Michel orange
9. FRA CINQUIN Guy F-GTTU Chalon/saône
10. FRA DE SADE Adrien F-BUQY Marquis de Sade
11. FRA MERCIER Etienne F-GZFM Primagaz
13. FRA DROIN Michel F-GXMD Batisol
14. FRA DE COLIGNY Laure F-HELC St Michel Red Cocotte
15. FRA TERRIN Capucine F-HFCT St Michel vert
16. FRA PHILIPPE Nicolas F-GVNP Gavottes
17. FRA MANGIN Hugues F-GUSB Primagaz
18. FRA BOURBIER Michel F-HNLM Bonduelle
19. FRA BEJAT Grégory F-HRED Dawn Chaser Red
20. FRA BECKER Jonathan F-GVCG Conseil Général du Territoire de Belfort
21. FRA CLEYET-MARREL Benjamin F-PBEN Dawn Chaser
22. FRA VITRY Martin F-HFMV Saint-Michel
23. FRA SALGUES Jean-Pierre F-HROC Rocamadour
24. FRA BAUDIN Ulrich F-HIBU St Michel
25. FRA ALLEMAND Kevin F-HEED OBO Relax Drink
26. FRA BERARD Jérôme F-PLOL Jouy le Potier
27. FRA CLAUZEL Anne F-HCPA Remorques Air et Nature
29. FRA D’ASSIGNY Cyril F-HFCA St Michel orange
30. FRA DE COLIGNY Brigitte F-HDBC Marelau 2
31. FRA DESOUCHE Jean-Louis F-HCYB Cybevasion
32. FRA DROUAUD Manuel F-HMMD Smatis
33. FRA FORET Bernard F-HBJE Toi et Moi
34. FRA GEST Marie F-HCSN La Vienne
35. FRA LE FRANC Guillaume F-GKIE Grand Prix Kubicek
38. FRA LIEPMANN Marie F-HFAM Le plus beau de Maman
39. FRA OUDIN Marie-Dominique F-HDID Parc de Saint Cyr
40. FRA OUVRARD Jean-Daniel F-HFJD Toyota SNDA Touzalin
41. FRA OUVRARD Rémi F-HFRO Mutuelle de Poitiers Assurances
42. FRA PERDOUX Anthony F-GRUI Toygate
43. FRA SEGUINEAU Sébastien F-PPER Pépère
44. FRA VITRY Léonore F-GVLM Coccinelle
45. BEL DE COCK Philippe OO-BFJ Vultus Lupi
46. LUX KRAFT Claude LX-BOP Luxembourg
47. LUX WEBER Colin LX-BLN Loterie Nationale

List of official

Function Name Country
Event Director Zoltan Palhegyi HUN
Deputy Director Nathalie Dantan FRA
Steward Sylvine Beauvivre FRA
Jury President Gérard Grangé FRA
Jury Dave Bramwell AUT
Meteo Claude Salles LUX
Safety officer Etienne De Montgolfier FRA
Fiesta Director Jean-Alain Martin FRA
Chief Scorer Régis Darfeuille FRA
Scorer Valérie Marlart FRA
Scorer Jaroslav Baran SLK
Scorer Raphaele Perret FRA
Scorer Jonas Gicquel FRA
Scorer Vincent Borsato FRA
Scorer Nathalie Bridot FRA
Scorer Yasha Forghani FRA
Chief Measuring Team Bérangère Combier FRA
Measuring Team Bruno V FRA
Measuring Team Caroline Aurel FRA
Measuring Team Rachel Maury FRA
Measuring Team Sophie Hurtaud FRA
Measuring Team Didier Souchon FRA
Measuring Team Maximilien Sebbag FRA
Measuring Team Marie-Laure Laroche FRA
Measuring Team Agnès Lebesson FRA
Measuring Team Myriam Grirod FRA
Measuring Team Auria Frémont FRA
Measuring Team Marie Bléhaut FRA
Measuring Team Sébastien Lobelle FRA
Measuring Team Thierry Ponlevoy FRA

Electronic Notice Board of French Nationals

Electronic Notice Board of French Training Event Sablé-sur-Sarthe 2014The information of Electronic Notice Board of French Nationals will publish here soon.

Electronic Notice Board of French Training Event Sablé-sur-Sarthé 2014


Measuring reports

Flight3 18am

Flight2 17pm

Flight1 17am

Flight1 16pm- cancelled

Pilot list

  1. Jean-Philippe Odouard
  2. Stéphane Bolze
  3. Patrick Legendre
  4. François Messines
  5. Jérôme Bérard
  6. Léonore Vitry
  7. Rémi Ouvrard

Electronic Notice Board of French Training Event Vichy 2014


Measuring Reports of Flight 2

Flight 2 at 21th April am with FIN – PDG – JDG – FON – MDT in order.
We are expecting some very light rain drops and light winds.

Evening flight at 20th April 2014 is cancelled in Vichy.

Rain in Vichy at 20-04-2014

Measuring Reports of Flight1

Flight 1 20th April am with PDG – FIN – JDG – Pilot Declared 3D Shape Task in any order.

Flight 1 with PDG – HWZ – FON in any order – Flight is cancelled because the gusty wind.

Rules Section I and II

Competition map JPG format, OziExplorer calibration file, PZs and CLPs (31 MB)

Competition map OZF format (Androzic compatible), OziExplorer calibration file, PZs and CLPs (22 MB)


14th International Youth Camp will be in Radesín, Czech

Invitation to participate in the 14th IYC:

14th International Youth Camp 2014

Dear young people,

We, the organisers of the 14th IYC, are very happy to invite you to the 14th International Youth Camp 2014! We welcome all young people who want to fly in a balloon and have the experience of a summer ballooning youth camp in Europe. The last few editions were in Germany, this year we’ve partnered up with Kubicek Balloons, and are very glad that we will be able to welcome you to the beautiful town of Radesin in the Czech Republic. We organise this summer camp, because we want to make our beautiful sport accessible to young people and to build a young international balloon community.

Among other things, our programme will consist of the following activities:

  • ballooning & chasing the balloon
  • introduction to the safety of ballooning
  • explore the surrounding area – visiting the Kubicek Balloons factory
  • campfire romanticism – event education games
  • swimming – football – volleyball
  • model ballooning
  • and a lot more!

Flying balloon is only possible at good weather in early morning or late evening, so all our activities depend very much on the weather conditions. We will often decide situational what is possible to do, ‘safety first’ is key in this decision. Our accommodation will be at a camp site on the Radesin Castle estate, where we will spend the nights in large tents. The meals will be cooked by all participants with the help of our kitchen team on site.

Date: 2 August 2014- 9 August 2014
Location: Radesin, Czech Republic
Organisers: Tim Diller and Jop van Hooft
Age: From 14 to 24 Years
Fee: 150 €
Register on: www.ballooniyc.com
Deadline: 30 April 2014

After the deadline we’ll contact the admitted participants! After that you have to organize your trip to Radesin by yourself. We will send you the participants list so you can travel together with other participants. If you have questions, simply get in touch with us.

We’re really looking forward to see you!. You may pass this invitation on to your friends and acquaintances, everybody is welcome.
Take care, good flights and we hope to welcome you this summer!

Kind regards,
Tim Diller and Jop van Hooft

And Brazil it will be! – Letter of CIA president

FAI CIA logoThe CIA Plenary Meeting, held in Rio de Janeiro on March 22 and 23, has finally decided. The 21st FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship will be held in San Carlos/Brazil in 2013. This decision came along after long, difficult and tiresome discussions at the Plenary, but to the satisfaction of a majority of the delegates present. Competitors may now confidently start their preparations.
The Brazilian organisers confirmed the appointment of Event Director Mathijs Debruijn and Deputy Event Director David Levin. They also announced that a non-sanctioned Pre-Worlds event will be held in San Carlos in July 2013.
Detailed information regarding the free transportation of the 70 balloons in 2014 has been promised to become available sometime during the year.
I am glad that the this issue has finally been decided, and I wish all those who plan to participate a lot of fun and perfect competitions.

Buoyant regards,
JC Weber, president
FAI Ballooning Commission