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Electronic Notice Board of Balloon Meeting in Őcsény 2017

27th Balloon Meeting in Őcsény, 30th September – 07th October 2017

Measuring Report Sheets

  • Competition map in TIFF format with OziExplorer calibration (13 MB).
  • Competition map in OZF format (15 MB).
  • Competition map in RMAP format (TwoNav, CompeGPS).
  • Track and waypoint file of Gemenc restricted area, 1500 ft (450 m) AGL, 1800 ft (550m) MSL.


30th September 2017
08:00 – 15:30 Arrival (Airport of Őcsény)
1600 – Briefing, training flight
19:00 – 20:00 Supper
20:30 Opening and General Briefing Continue reading

Electronic Notice Board of 30th Brazilian National Championship

30th Brazilian National Championship30th Brazilian National Championship
30º Campeonato Brasileiro de Balonismo

Boituva, SP, Brazilia
09th July – 16th July

Online track


Task sheet 16th am
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 15th pm
Measuring report sheet

Task sheet 15th am
Track file of scoring area on Map B in task# 31
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 14th pm
Measuring report sheet

Task sheet 14th am
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 13th am
Track file of scoring area on Map A in task# 21
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 12th am
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 11th pm
Measuring report sheet

Task sheet 11th am
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 10th am
Measuring report sheets


Pilot’s list

1 Fabio Passos SP
2 Luis Silvestre SP
3 Lupercio Lima GO
4 Rubens Kalousdian SP
5 Markus Kalousdian SP
6 Marcos Paulo da Silva SP
7 Christian Kalousdian SP
8 Amarildo Tozzi SP
9 Valdemir Taveira SP
10 Ronaldo Morales SP
11 Filipe Tostes GO
12 Warley Macedo SP
13 Homero Antunes SP
14 Giovani Pompermaier RS
15 Alessandro Taveira SP
16 Ricardo Zavarello SP
17 Eduardo Libra SP
18 Jonathan Padulla SP
19 Henrique Neto SP
20 Renato Mathies Alemão SP
21 Cristiano Almudim RS
22 Murilo Hoffmann RS
23 Rafael da Luz RS
24 Sergio Jung RS

Invitation to the Szeged Balloon Cup 2016

Szeged Balloon Cup 2016Invitation to the Szeged Balloon Cup

We would like to invite balloonist friends to the Szeged Balloon Cup. The event will run from 15th September to 18th September 2016. The BorTér wine festival will be same time in the city with more then 100 winemakers. The Szeged Balloon Cup will be a part of Szeged Airport’s Airshow.

Continue reading

Final standings of Gordon Bennett 2015


Here are the final standings after a truly amazing Gordon Bennett 2015 balloon race. Swiss-2 squeezed every last drop out of their balloon last night and landed in 3rd place. Pilots have been tested fully since launching on friday evening. Decisions to land early are always disappointing, but a leaking balloon of USA-1 and thunderstorms in the night gave four teams no choice. We have watched balloon flying at its finest and the organisers, pilots, crews and helpers can all be proud of a job well done.

Congratulations for all participants!

Szeged Balloon Cup 2015

Invitation / Meghívó: Szeged Balloon Cup 2015

Organiser / Szervező: Szegedi Közlekedési Kft.

Schedule / Tervezett program

Thursday / Csütörtök 17/09/2015

19:00 General Briefing / Általános eligazítás

Frida-Saturday / Péntek-szombat 18-19/09/2015

  • 05:30 Briefing / eligazítás
  • 16:00 Briefing / eligazítás

Sunday / Vasárnap 20/09/2015

  • 05:30 Briefing / eligazítás
  • 12:00 Awards Ceremony / Eredményhirdetés

Propane price: 250 HUF + 27% VAT / kg
Gáz ár: 250 HUF + ÁFA / kg

Entry fee is 30.000 HUF and refund after the last flight
Nevezési díj 30.000 HUF
, amiből a beérkezés idejétől függőena következő visszatérítési lesz az utolsó repülés után:

Entry fee /nevezési díj Entry fee arrived / Megérkezett a számlára Refund / visszatérítés
30.000 HUF 20/08/2015 25,000 HUF
30.000 HUF 28/08/2015 15.000 HUF
30.000 HUF 06/09/2015 10.000 HUF
30.000 HUF after 06/09/2015 00.000 HUF

Entry fee includes / nevezési díj tartalmazza:

  • officials / verseny lebonyolításához szükséges személyzetet
  • electronic maps and rules / elektronikus térképet és szabályokat
  • accomodation for pilot + 3 for the first 13 team / szállást a pilóta + 3 fő részére, az első 13 jelentkezőnek
  • meals three times for pilot + 3 (one meal/day) / háromszor bogácsban készült étel a pilóta + 3 fő részére (egy étel/nap),
  • pilot pack souvenirs / ajándékcsomag

You should pay the entry fee here, please indicate the pilot’s name:
Account owner: Pálhegyi Imre Zoltán
IBAN: HU05 1040 2805 8154 5554 4853 1004
Bank name and address:
K&H Bank Zrt..
1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9

A nevezési díjat erre a bankszámlára kell fizetni, a megjegyzés rovatban a pilóta nevét kell megjelölni:

Pálhegyi Imre Zoltán
K&H Bank: 10402805-81545554-48531004

The event will run without observer. We will scoring physical markers and loggers by the AXMER 2015.
A verseny az AXMER 2015 alapján, megfigyelők nélkül, markerekkel és GPS loggerekkel lesz értékelve.

Six pilots entered to the Event until now. (19:00 19th August 2015)
Hat pilóta nevezett eddig.  (19:00 2015/08/19)

You can fill the entry form here only:
A versenyre csak ezen az elektronikus nevezési lapon lehet nevezni:
(11 pilots entered / 11 pilóta jelentkezett. 21/08/2015)


Montgolfier day – 231 years ago the World changed!

Montgolfier day – 231 years ago the World changed!


Picture by Bennie Bos

Happy Montgolfier Day Everyone!
On the 21st November 1783, Pilâtre de Rozier & the Marquis d’Arlandes, made the first, manned, free ascent in a balloon, flying the Montgolfier Brothers built aerostat for about 5.5 miles (9 km) in approximately 25 minutes.
Benjamin Franklin wrote in his journal about witnessing the balloon take off: ‘We observed it lift off in the most majestic manner. When it reached around 250 feet in altitude, the intrepid voyagers lowered their hats to salute the spectators. We could not help feeling a certain mixture of awe and admiration.’

Awesome video from FAI

The FAI has released a new video featuring all air sports activities under the umbrella of the Federation. The 3-minute film succinctly presents the FAI sports and includes footage of FAI international records from Charles Lindbergh to Felix Baumgartner.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The video sequences have been selected from various sources to highlight the beauty and diversity of Aeromodelling, Aerobatics, Ballooning, Experimental Aircraft, General Aviation, Gliding, Hang Gliding and Paragliding, Microlights and Paramotors, Parachuting and Rotorcraft.

“With this new video we aim to pass the bug for air sports to as many people as possible; all our sports have the great advantage of being exciting not only to practice, but also to watch,” said Secretary General Susanne Schödel. “We also want to emphasise that the FAI is part of the epic history of aviation and air sports, having ratified over the years more than 17,000 records including those of Lindbergh, Gagarin, Armstrong, Piccard, Fossett and Baumgartner, to name but a few.”

Electronic Notice Board of French Nationals

Electronic Notice Board of French Training Event Sablé-sur-Sarthe 2014The information of Electronic Notice Board of French Nationals will publish here soon.

Electronic Notice Board of French Training Event Sablé-sur-Sarthé 2014


Measuring reports

Flight3 18am

Flight2 17pm

Flight1 17am

Flight1 16pm- cancelled

Pilot list

  1. Jean-Philippe Odouard
  2. Stéphane Bolze
  3. Patrick Legendre
  4. François Messines
  5. Jérôme Bérard
  6. Léonore Vitry
  7. Rémi Ouvrard