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Short summary: 20 Nationals in 8 country

Zoltán Pálhegyi's balloonist CV

I directed 20 National championship in 8 different country and two cat 1 Event and one cat 2 Event and the first Junior Pre-Worlds. I was deputy director on the last Europeans and four other cat 1 Events.
I was Jury on Worlds, Europeans and Gordon Bennett. Some more Events are here.

Arnost Hönig Memorial Cup and results

Today flight is the Arnost Hönig Memorial Cup. Three tasks are on the task sheet: HWZ, XDD, ANG and all earlier flight results are published. After the two HWz target and 3 small lakes are the scoring area of XDD. Most of pilots flew close to the HWZ targets and they approaching the lakes yet.

Total score of Arnost Hönig cup is here.

All tasks results are published here.


First flight done

The Holy Srine of St. John of Nepomuk and the MonasteryWe had rainy morning according the forecast and we need to cancel the flight. But bad weather is good time for excursion. We had a nice visit in the Holy Shrine of Nepomuk and on Zelená hora what is on UNESCO World Heritage list. You may watch the photos here.

General Briefing – first flightAfter two cancelled flights we can done the first flight with two tasks. We planned three but the wind was gusty. We need to wait to be calm and no time for 3 tasks before sunset. The was HWZ and PDG. Ten pilots from 12 drop marker to the first HWZ target but two was out of MMA. You may find the task sheet and measuring report bellow and photos here.