Two world records by Troy Bradley and Leonid Tiukhtyaev

The Two Eagles balloon team is pleased to report the Two Eagles balloon has landed safely just off the Baja coast near La Poza Grande. The pilots made a controlled descent to a gentle water landing about four miles off the Baja coast. The balloon is stable and still inflated and the pilots are fine.

Two Eagles balloon team trck

Winds at the lower levels turned parallel to the coast, which made it more prudent for the pilots to execute a landing in the water. Mexican authorities are cooperating fully and the Coast Guard is enroute to the balloon. We anticipate they will tow the capsule to shore.

Troy Bradley and Leonid TiukhtyaevWe would note that a water landing is acceptable under the international rules governing the establishment of world records. Two around-the-world attempts using a different type of balloon landed in the water and were approved as records.

Congratulations for Troy Bradleyand Leonid Tiukhtyaev! Landing occurred at six days, 16 hours and 37 minutes into the mission (approximately 7:01 AM MST or 1400 UTC) at a distance of 6,646 miles (10,696 km).

Gondola of Two Eagles in the air

Two Eagles balloon in the air

Montgolfier day – 231 years ago the World changed!

Montgolfier day – 231 years ago the World changed!


Picture by Bennie Bos

Happy Montgolfier Day Everyone!
On the 21st November 1783, Pilâtre de Rozier & the Marquis d’Arlandes, made the first, manned, free ascent in a balloon, flying the Montgolfier Brothers built aerostat for about 5.5 miles (9 km) in approximately 25 minutes.
Benjamin Franklin wrote in his journal about witnessing the balloon take off: ‘We observed it lift off in the most majestic manner. When it reached around 250 feet in altitude, the intrepid voyagers lowered their hats to salute the spectators. We could not help feeling a certain mixture of awe and admiration.’

Electronic Notice Board – Czech Nationals 2014

18 th Czech National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2014

18th Czech National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2014
Radesín, 23-28/09/2014


Signed final results, Total results
Tasks results
Measuring Report Sheets

Task sheet of Flight3 – FIN, GBM, HWZ, FON

Task sheet of Flight3 – FIN, JDG, JDG, XDI, FON Track files of Task#11: 1, 2, 3, 4. – canceled at am 27/09/2014

The afternoon briefing is canceled. The next briefing will be 0600 27/09/2014.

Task sheet of Flight3 - PDG, FIN, HWZ, XDI, Track files of Task#11: 1, 2, 3, 4. – canceled at am 26/09/2014

Task sheet of Flight2 – PDG,HWZ

Task sheet of Flight1 – PDG, FIN, JDG, JDG, FON

Task sheet of Flight1 – canceled at pm 24/09/2014

General Briefing Information

Training task sheet, metegram, windgram


  • Wednesday, 24th Sept, 2014
    • registration for competition
    • 13:00 General Briefing
    • first competition evening flight
  • Thursday, 25th Sept, 2014
    • morning and evening competition flights
  • Friday, 26th Sept, 2014
    • morning and evening competition flights
  • Saturday, 27th Sept, 2014
    • morning competition flights
    • closing ceremony
    • farewell party
  • Sunday, 28th Sept, 2014
    • free morning flight (or spare competition flight and closing ceremony if  the minimum tasks under rule 1.2 have not been achieved)
    • departure of competitors

List of pilots (12:00 24/09/2014)

1. Kostrhun Pavel OK-2667 Renč CZE
2. Línek David OK-0055 DLNK CZE
3. Kubíček Petr OK-0900 KUBÍČEK CZE
4. Slonek Lubor OK-7160 SLON CZE
5. Suchý Michael OK-0883 Kubíček DEMO CZE
6. Měřínský Pavel OK-3366 SATAN CZE
7. Dillinger Pavel OK-4021 E-on CZE
8. Suchý Jan OK-2014 DHL Express XR CZE
9. Habán Tomáš OK-2083 HABAlÓN RACER CZE
10. Škorpík Miloslav OK-9003 Faster CZE
11. Johann Almer OE-RJA Pucher Racer AUT
12. Jan Gruber OK – 0907 zamek CZE

Electronic Notice Board of 2nd FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship

Logo of 2nd FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon ChampionshipFinal results, signed final results
Jury final report

Measuring Report Sheets

Protest of Pilot#15 regarding Task#6answer
Protest of Pilot#1 regarding Task#6answer
Complaints of Pilot#15 regarding Task#6
, answer

Task sheet of Flight9
Meteo sheet of Flight9

Protest2 and Jury decision regarding protest2 by competitor 13 for task 6
 and Jury decision regarding protest by competitor 13 for task 6

Task sheet of Flight8
Meteo sheet of Flight8

Task sheet of Flight7
Meteo sheet of Flight7

Task sheet of Flight6 – JDG, GBM, HWZ, JDG, FON
Meteo sheet of Flight6

Task sheet of Flight5 – PDG, HWZ
Scoring area of Task#14, Track file of Scoring area of Task#14
Meteo sheet of Flight5

Complaints of Pilot#13 regarding Task#6 and Task#7
Answer to complaint regrding Task#6
Answer to complaint regrding Task#7

Task sheet of Flight4 – FIN, FON, JDG, LRN
Meteo sheet of Flight4

Task sheet of Flight3 – PDG, FIN
Meteo sheet of Flight3

Task sheet of Flight2 – FIN, JDG, HWZ, XDI, PDG
MapA, track of MapA
Meteo sheet of Flight2
Protest and Jury decision regarding protest by competitor 13 for task 6

Task sheet of Flight1 – 3DT, HWZ

Jury decision of no-show

General Briefing Information
Track file of motorway1 and motorway2
Track file of Vichy built up area

The Opening Ceremony will be in The Omnisport Center at 14:30 1st September.The General Briefing Will be on same place at 15:00. The first Task Briefing will be in the Hippodrome at 17:30.

Training task sheet - 16:30 31/08/2014
Training task sheet meteogram - 16:30 31/08/2014

Competition map version 2 (JPG, 18,3MB) and PZs
Competition map version 2 (OZF3, 35,8 MB) and PZs

Rules of 2nd FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship (600 KB)

OziExplorer calibration file, PZs and CLPs: Competition map JPG format (31 MB)
OziExplorer calibration file, PZs and CLPs: Competition map OZF format (Androzic compatible, 22 MB) Doping – 23/08/2014

The FAI agreed to adopt the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) principles and procedures. During the recent World Championships in Rio Claro Brazil, WADA did doping tests. Although doping is not a typical problem in HAB competitions, we are nevertheless affected by the WADA rules and regulations. Two imported potential areas of concern and that is the use of alcohol and some types of medicines. Strongly recommend all pilots who take medicines of any kind to study if that medicine is on the list ‘prohibited substances’. If so make sure you get a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption). The list of ‘prohibited substances’ and how to get a TUE is all well explained on the FAI Anti Doping pages.


31st August
18:00 – 21:00 Check-in for pilots – Hippodrome

1st September
07:15 Training flight
09:00 – 12:00 Check-in for pilots – Hippodrome
15:00 General Briefing – Centre Omnisport (Sport Centre)
17:30 Briefing

2nd – 5th September
06:15 Briefing
17:30 Briefing

6th September
10:00 Event debriefing
12:00 Closing Ceremony

List of pilots

Country Surname Name
26 LIT KOMZA Laurinas

List of officials

Function Name Surname Nationality
Event Director Zoltan Palhegyi HUN
Deputy Director Gary Lacey AUS
Steward Sergey Latypov RUS
Meteo Official Claude Sales LUX
Safety Official Rainer Hassold GER
Jury President Garry Lockyer CAN
Jury member Johann Furstner AUT
Jury member Lindsay Muir GBR
Chief Scorer Jaroslav Baran SLK
Scorer Régis Darfeuille FRA
Scorer Valérie Marlart FRA
Scorer Carmen Mezo ESP
Scorer Marcos Mezo ESP
Logger Officer Aneta Lancaricova CZE
Chief Measuring Team Sylvine Beauvivre FRA
Measuring Team Patrick Ollier FRA
Measuring Team Elric Fremont FRA
Measuring Team Brenda Howard GBR
Measuring Team Egle Digryte LIT
Measuring Team Svetlana Koroleva RUS
Measuring Team Karolina Nowakowska POL
Measuring Team Nicola Zicari ITA
Measuring Team Jo Slade GBR
Measuring Team Martin Leder AUT
Measuring Team Ekaterina Shubina RUS
Measuring Team Branko Arnejšek SLO
Measuring Team Bastien Lefrancois FRA

Electronic Notice Board of 40th French National Championship 2014

40th French National Championship 2014

Final results
Jury Final Report

Measuring Report Sheets

Complaint and Protest of Pilot#9 in Task#18 (EN)
Complaint and Protest of Pilot#9 in Task#18 (FR)

Task sheet of Flight8 CRAT, 3DT

Task sheet of Flight7 FIN, JDG
Meteo sheet of Flight7

Task sheet of Flight6 RTA, ANG, FON
Track of MapC, Image of MapC
Meteo sheet of Flight6

Task sheet of Flight5 MDD, WSD, FON
Meteo sheet of Flight5

Task sheet of Flight4 PDG, XDI, HWZ, LRN
Track of MapA, Image of MapA
Meteo sheet of Flight4

Task sheet of Flight3 FIN, JDG, FON
Meteo sheet of Flight3
PZs_CLP_v1.1 and PZ_CLP_Targets_1.1 is available here.

Task sheet of Flight2 PDG, FIN, HWZ, MDT, FON
Meteo sheet of Flight2

Task sheet of Flight1 FIN, JDG, LRN
Meteo sheet of Flight1

General Briefing Information is published at 12:30 19/08/2014.
Rules of 40th French National Championship 2014. (2 MB)

The waypoints of PZs and CLP. Tracks of additional powerlines; waypoints of the targets and CLP and PZs are updated here at 13:00 19/08/2014.
Competition map
in several formats (OziExplorer, CompeGPS, OZFX).
Unofficial but new (2012) map of Sablé-sur-Sarthe.

Official Schedule / Programme officiel

Tuesday 19 August / Mardi 19 août

14:00 – General briefing / Briefing général – Briefing room / Salle de briefing
Competition center / Centre de compétition, Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy
18:00 – Task briefing first flight / Briefing d’épreuve premier vol – Competition center / Centre de compétition Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy
21:00 – 23:00 Dinner / Dîner – Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy

From Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd August / Du Mercredi 20 au Vendredi 22 août

06:15 & 18:00 Task briefing / Briefings d’épreuve Briefing room / Salle de briefing

Meals / Créneaux repas

05:30 Breakfast / Petit déjeuner – Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy – Competition center / Tentes centre de compétition
Lunch / Déjeuner Restaurants partenaires
21:00 – 23:00 Dinner / Dîner – Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy Cafeteria / Cafétéria

Saturday 23rd August / JSamedi 23 août
06:15  Task briefing / Briefings d’épreuve – Briefing room / Salle de briefing

05:30 Breakfast / Petit déjeuner – Lycée polyvalent Colbert de Torcy – Competition center / Tentes centre de compétition
Lunch / Déjeuner Restaurants partenaires

Evening / Soir Reserved flight / Vol de réserve

21:00 Closing ceremony / Remise des prix, Repas de Gala et Remise des prix

List of pilots (updated)

Country Surname Name Registration No. Balloon name
1. FRA SCHWARTZ Nicolas F-GYNS Saint Michel Jaune
2. FRA ODOUARD Jean-Philippe F-HCSM St Michel Force Verte
3. FRA LEGENDRE Patrick F-GXSM Saint-Michel 1
4. FRA BOLZE Stéphane F-HMSB St Michel
5. FRA MERCERON Thomas F-HCGV Conseil Général de Vendée
6. FRA MESSINES François F-HBFM St Michel
7. FRA SEIGEOT Clément F-HOTT Kubicek Demo
8. FRA PACAUD Laurent F-HGLP St Michel orange
9. FRA CINQUIN Guy F-GTTU Chalon/saône
10. FRA DE SADE Adrien F-BUQY Marquis de Sade
11. FRA MERCIER Etienne F-GZFM Primagaz
13. FRA DROIN Michel F-GXMD Batisol
14. FRA DE COLIGNY Laure F-HELC St Michel Red Cocotte
15. FRA TERRIN Capucine F-HFCT St Michel vert
16. FRA PHILIPPE Nicolas F-GVNP Gavottes
17. FRA MANGIN Hugues F-GUSB Primagaz
18. FRA BOURBIER Michel F-HNLM Bonduelle
19. FRA BEJAT Grégory F-HRED Dawn Chaser Red
20. FRA BECKER Jonathan F-GVCG Conseil Général du Territoire de Belfort
21. FRA CLEYET-MARREL Benjamin F-PBEN Dawn Chaser
22. FRA VITRY Martin F-HFMV Saint-Michel
23. FRA SALGUES Jean-Pierre F-HROC Rocamadour
24. FRA BAUDIN Ulrich F-HIBU St Michel
25. FRA ALLEMAND Kevin F-HEED OBO Relax Drink
26. FRA BERARD Jérôme F-PLOL Jouy le Potier
27. FRA CLAUZEL Anne F-HCPA Remorques Air et Nature
29. FRA D’ASSIGNY Cyril F-HFCA St Michel orange
30. FRA DE COLIGNY Brigitte F-HDBC Marelau 2
31. FRA DESOUCHE Jean-Louis F-HCYB Cybevasion
32. FRA DROUAUD Manuel F-HMMD Smatis
33. FRA FORET Bernard F-HBJE Toi et Moi
34. FRA GEST Marie F-HCSN La Vienne
35. FRA LE FRANC Guillaume F-GKIE Grand Prix Kubicek
38. FRA LIEPMANN Marie F-HFAM Le plus beau de Maman
39. FRA OUDIN Marie-Dominique F-HDID Parc de Saint Cyr
40. FRA OUVRARD Jean-Daniel F-HFJD Toyota SNDA Touzalin
41. FRA OUVRARD Rémi F-HFRO Mutuelle de Poitiers Assurances
42. FRA PERDOUX Anthony F-GRUI Toygate
43. FRA SEGUINEAU Sébastien F-PPER Pépère
44. FRA VITRY Léonore F-GVLM Coccinelle
45. BEL DE COCK Philippe OO-BFJ Vultus Lupi
46. LUX KRAFT Claude LX-BOP Luxembourg
47. LUX WEBER Colin LX-BLN Loterie Nationale

List of official

Function Name Country
Event Director Zoltan Palhegyi HUN
Deputy Director Nathalie Dantan FRA
Steward Sylvine Beauvivre FRA
Jury President Gérard Grangé FRA
Jury Dave Bramwell AUT
Meteo Claude Salles LUX
Safety officer Etienne De Montgolfier FRA
Fiesta Director Jean-Alain Martin FRA
Chief Scorer Régis Darfeuille FRA
Scorer Valérie Marlart FRA
Scorer Jaroslav Baran SLK
Scorer Raphaele Perret FRA
Scorer Jonas Gicquel FRA
Scorer Vincent Borsato FRA
Scorer Nathalie Bridot FRA
Scorer Yasha Forghani FRA
Chief Measuring Team Bérangère Combier FRA
Measuring Team Bruno V FRA
Measuring Team Caroline Aurel FRA
Measuring Team Rachel Maury FRA
Measuring Team Sophie Hurtaud FRA
Measuring Team Didier Souchon FRA
Measuring Team Maximilien Sebbag FRA
Measuring Team Marie-Laure Laroche FRA
Measuring Team Agnès Lebesson FRA
Measuring Team Myriam Grirod FRA
Measuring Team Auria Frémont FRA
Measuring Team Marie Bléhaut FRA
Measuring Team Sébastien Lobelle FRA
Measuring Team Thierry Ponlevoy FRA

Enter the FAI Young Artists Contest and have your share in the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015!

FAI logoAre you a young artist aged from 6 to 17? Would you like to have your share in the greatest and most exciting air sports event – the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015 in Dubai? No need for you to have a pilot licence or to jump from an airplane. Just let your creativity flow and make your painting talent shine to compete in the 2015 FAI Young Artists Contest whose theme is “Create a poster for the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015”.

Entries will be divided into three age groups: junior category (ages 6-9), intermediate category (ages 10-13) years and senior category (ages 14-17).

The winners for each group will be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals.

The winning paintings will be exhibited in Dubai during the FAI World Air Games for all the spectators to admire.

“How could we not include the young people in the Federation’s most important and biggest event ? They are our future,” FAI Sports & Marketing Director Markus Haggeney said. “Entering the FAI Young Artist Contest will give them the opportunity to step into the exciting world of air sports and the FAI World Air Games.”

How to participate?
To enter the contest, young people must first contact the FAI Member in their country and check with them the deadline to submit their drawing. They must then send their artworks to their FAI Member.

The participating FAI Members will each make a selection of the three best artworks in each category and send the chosen artworks to the FAI by 1 April 2015.

Interpretation of the 2015 theme – “Create a poster for the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015”
FAI Young Artists ContestIn December 2015, the top air sport athletes from around the globe will travel to Dubai, UAE, to compete in the largest air sports event in the world, the FAI World Air Games. Over a period of 12 days, spectators will enjoy special locations with outstanding views of the Palm Jumeirah and the skyline of Dubai while watching world class competitions and air shows fill the sky in a dazzling display of manoeuvres that can only take place above the ground.

Airplanes and gliders will amaze the crowd with spins, loops, and dives in the aerobatic games, while powered planes will show their skills in an air navigation race. There will also be radio controlled aerobatics: the same spins, loops, and dives, but at a much smaller size. Additionally, Indoor Aero Musicals will be featured.

People will look up to see colourful hot air balloons and airships dotting the sky. These graceful craft, around for over 200 years, will be displayed next to the latest experimental aircraft flown in from around the world.

Spectators will feel the excitement as hang gliders compete for aerobatic ability while paragliders show off their aerobatic and landing accuracy abilities. They will see parachutists not only practice their accuracy landing but work together in incredible formation skydiving and on their canopy piloting, whereas others will showcase their skills in the indoor wind-tunnel.

Last, but certainly not least, they will see microlights and paramotors compete in slalom races as helicopter pilots show off their craft in slalom and accuracy competitions.

All of this and much, much more will be at the FAI World Games 2015. Your assignment: grab your favourite art supplies and create a poster that captures the excitement and possibilities of the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015. Good luck, and remember, the sky is the limit !

About the FAI Young Artists Contest
The FAI Young Artists Contest has been organised every year since 1986. It is an international art contest for youngsters between the ages of 6 and 17.

FAI Members make arrangements in each country for a national competition, or similar process of selection, for young people resident in their countries. The national winners are then submitted to the International Jury. A different theme is chosen every year to inspire the young artists and reflect the many facets of air sports.

About the FAI World Air Games
The World Air Games, conducted under the rules of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), is the premier international multi-discipline air sports event fielding the world’s top Air Sports athletes. The FAI’s primary goals for this event are to determine “FAI World Air Games Champions”; to showcase air sports to the general public and promote public participation in air sports by attracting new participants to air sports disciplines; to promote FAI events to other sports organisations and create an attractive platform for TV, media and other external stakeholders.

The past editions of the Games took place in Turkey (1997), Spain (2001) and Italy (2009).

FAI World Air Games dedicated pages on the FAI website

FAI World Air Games 2015

The conquest of the skies – balloon history from 1870

The First Aerial Voyage

The First Aerial Voyage

“The title of our introduction to aeronautics may appear ambitious to astronomers, and to those who know that the infinite space we call the heavens is for ever inaccessible to travellers from the earth; but it was not so considered by those who witnessed the ardent enthusiasm evoked at the ascension of the first balloon. No discovery, in the whole range of history, has elicited an equal degree of applause and admiration—never has the genius of man won a triumph which at first blush seemed more glorious. The mathematical and physical sciences had in aeronautics achieved apparently their greatest honours, and inaugurated a new era in the progress of knowledge. After having subjected the earth to their power; after having made the waves of the sea stoop in submission under the keels of their ships; after having caught the lightning of heaven and made it subservient to the ordinary purposes of life, the genius of man undertook to conquer the regions of the air. Imagination, intoxicated with past successes, could descry no limit to human power; the gates of the infinite seemed to be swinging back before man’s advancing step, and the last was believed to be the greatest of his achievements.

Balloon of the Marquis D'Arlandes

Balloon of the Marquis D’Arlandes

In order to comprehend the frenzy of the enthusiasm which the first aeronautic triumphs called forth, it is necessary to recall the appearance of Montgolfier at Versailles, on the 19th of September, 1783, before Louis XVI, or of the earliest aeronauts at the Tuileries. Paris hailed the first of these men with the greatest acclaim, “and then, as now,” says a French writer, “the voice of Paris gave the cue to France, and France to the world!” Nobles and artisans, scientific men and badauds, great and small, were moved with one universal impulse. In the streets the praises of the balloon were sung; in the libraries models of it abounded; and in the salons the one universal topic was the great “machine.” In anticipation, the poet delighted himself with bird’s-eye views of the scenery of strange countries; the prisoner mused on what might be a new way of escape; the physicist visited the laboratory in which the lightning and the meteors were manufactured; the geometrician beheld the plans of cities and the outlines of kingdoms; the general discovered the position of the enemy or rained shells on the besieged town; the police beheld a new mode in which to carry on the secret service; Hope heralded a new conquest from the domain of nature, and the historian registered a new chapter in the annals of human knowledge.”

The Destruction of Charles's Balloon

The Destruction of Charles’s Balloon

The full book here: WONDERFUL BALLOON ASCENTS or, the Conquest of the Skies A History of Balloons and Balloon Voyages – By F. Marion 1870.