26 November 2005: Indian Tycoon Vijaypat Singhania sets World Balloon Altitude Record 21 km



The record by Vijaypat Singhania is subject to verification, but his son Gautam Singhania said the 44-ton balloon climbed nearly 70,000 feet, beating the old mark of just under 65,000 feet.

“This goes to show to the world that we are not bullock cart drivers, but we can compete against the best of the world,” the balloonist said.

One of the balloon’s designers said the height will be determined by instruments sealed inside the capsule. Once verified by aeronautical groups, the findings will be submitted to Guinness World Records. The 67-year-old balloonist landed safely after a nearly five-hour flight inside a pressurized cabin suspended from the 160-foot-high, multicolored balloon. The flight was carried live on Indian national television.

“The exact height reached was 69,852 feet. This is subject to certification,” said Colin Prescott, one of two British designers of the balloon. The previous world record was 64,997 feet, set by Sweden’s Per Lindstrand in Plano, Texas, in June 1988. Hundreds of jubilant villagers crowded around the balloon to congratulate Singhania.

“When I broke the record, I was euphoric. I screamed quite loudly,” he said.

Singhania lifted off from downtown Bombay and landed safely on barren land near Panchale, a village about 150 miles south of Bombay.

Singhania, the chairman emeritus of the Raymond Group, one of India’s leading textile companies, also set a record for ultralight aviation 17 years ago when he flew 6,000 miles from Britain to India in 23 days.

Do you know the standard marker falling speed?

Only 25% of the answer was right. Not a very good result…

In 1977 Bruce Comstock found marker speed to be 3000 ft/minute.

“Soon we were timing the fall of scoring markers from our balloons. We discovered that a standard marker fell about 3,000 feet per minute. I then built the first drop sight– two pieces of rigid quarter-inch plastic sheet hinged together. One piece included level sight tubes so it could be kept level. The other could be set to a downward angle according to a scale calibrated in miles per hour of average wind speed. In flight I would set the wind speed on the scale and then sight along the tilted piece until the target was in line with it, at which point I would release the drop marker. This worked, but the device was big and clumsy. Not long after, David designed and built two beautiful pistol-shaped, varnished hardwood drop sights with level sight tubes and wind speed scales. I made a padded “holster” for mine, which I tied into the inside of my basket, ready to use. I used this drop sight for the rest of the years I competed. No single tool wins balloon competitions, but I am sure this drop sight got me points when I needed to use it.”
Comstock, Bruce (2013-10-23). A Life in the Air (Kindle Locations 1189-1195). Willow Press.

“I just studied my archives and found a marker drop altitude&time table written by myself. It is based on marker falling speed of 3000 ft/min. Time of writing: 1985-1987.

Same as reported by Comstock.”

Risto Jalava

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Director’s page of Szeged Balloon Cup 2015

Szeged Balloon Cup 2015

Szeged Balloon Cup 2015

The Hungarian CAA closed the airspace over the most of the contest area because the migrant situation. The Event organiser cancelled the Airshow and the Szeged Balloon Cup.

Official map with Oziexplorer calibration: JPG file (6,6 MB), OZF file (17,6 MB)
Rules of Szeged Balloon Cup 2015
Invitation and Entry form

Pilot name Country Reg. #
1. GARAB Szabolcs HUN HA-777
2. KONECSNI János HUN HA-608
3. TÓTH Mihály HUN HA-713
5. HORVÁTH Antal HUN HA-863
6. NAGY Péter HUN HA-756
8. MOLNÁR Csaba HUN HA-607
9. JUDÁK Gyula HUN HA-861
10. MORVAI Tibor HUN HA-823


Schedule (tentative)

Sunrise / Sunset        06:45 / 18:45

Thursday, 17th September

17:00 – 18:30             Check-in
19:00                           General Briefing

Friday, 18th September

05:30                           Breakfast
06:00                           Task briefing
07:00 – 09:00             Flight
15:00                           Lunch
16:00                           Briefing
17:00 – 18:30             Flight

Saturday, 19th September

05:30                           Breakfast
06:00                           Task briefing
07:00 – 09:00             Flight
13:30                           Boat trip
15:00                           Lunch
16:00                           Briefing
17:00 – 18:30             Flight

Sunday, 20th September

05:30                           Breakfast
06:00                           Task briefing
07:00 – 09:00             Flight
11:30                           Prize Giving
12:00                           Lunch

Enter the 2016 FAI Young Artists Contest and Show the World How Talented You Are!

Are you keen on painting or drawing? Have air sports always made you dream? Are you concerned about environmental issues? If so, then pick up your pens, pencils or brushes and enter the 2016 FAI Young Artists Contest. The aim is to create a picture that illustrates this years’ theme “Air Sports in Harmony with Nature”, and to show the world just how talented you are.

Intermediate Category 2015: 2. Yana SERGEYCHIK (Russia)

Intermediate Category 2015: 2. Yana SERGEYCHIK (Russia)

Youngsters from three age categories: Junior (6-9), Intermediate (10-13), Senior (14-17) are invited to participate.

The 2016 theme: Air Sports in Harmony with Nature

The beauty of the earth is never clearer than when seen from the air. Every day, thousands of people flying in airliners look at the earth with a new perspective from above. Another group of boys, girls, men and women involved in air sports are fortunate to have a special view of the grandeur below them as the soar in gliders or float through the air in balloons. Others feel the rush of air as they parachute down to a beautiful field or cross the sky in an ultralight or helicopter.

From above, the fullness of nature is seen in ways unknowable from the ground. Helicopters give tours of the inaccessible rivers and canyons as balloons float across home towns, each giving new insight into how land, water, animals, and people share their environments. From the air, one is able to take pictures and film land that would otherwise never be seen. Aircraft do this without the need for roads. An airport or open field will do for the intrepid aviator.

While the air sport participants enjoy this freedom, they also must be very good neighbours to all the people and animals and the environment. This is especially important as they take-off and land. Air sports enthusiasts are happy to do this because the beauty of the earth is one of the reasons they love flying so much.

So grab your favourite pen or brush capture the connection between the land and the air. Create a work of art that shows air sports and nature in harmony. Good luck!

How to enter the contest?

The contest takes place in two phases, the details of which can be found below. You should first check the details and the deadline for submission of your work by contacting the FAI member in your country. Each country will select the three best illustrations in each category: Junior (6-9), Intermediate (10-13), Senior (14-17) and forward them to the FAI by 1 April 2016. An International Jury will then select the world winners in each category who will be rewarded respectively with Gold, Silver or Bronze FAI medals.

The artwork will be exhibited at the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, USA and may be used by the FAI on other occasions.

About the FAI Young Artists Contest

The FAI Young Artists has been organised each year since 1986 to promote air sports amongst youth, to raise awareness of the different aspects of aviation whilst at the same time providing the opportunity to show off skills and personality through art.

FAI Members organise either a national competition or another similar process of selection for the young people resident in their respective countries. The national winning paintings are then submitted to the International Jury. A different theme is chosen every year to inspire the young artists and reflect the many facets of air sports.

Final standings of Gordon Bennett 2015


Here are the final standings after a truly amazing Gordon Bennett 2015 balloon race. Swiss-2 squeezed every last drop out of their balloon last night and landed in 3rd place. Pilots have been tested fully since launching on friday evening. Decisions to land early are always disappointing, but a leaking balloon of USA-1 and thunderstorms in the night gave four teams no choice. We have watched balloon flying at its finest and the organisers, pilots, crews and helpers can all be proud of a job well done.

Congratulations for all participants!

Szeged Balloon Cup 2015

Invitation / Meghívó: Szeged Balloon Cup 2015

Organiser / Szervező: Szegedi Közlekedési Kft.

Schedule / Tervezett program

Thursday / Csütörtök 17/09/2015

19:00 General Briefing / Általános eligazítás

Frida-Saturday / Péntek-szombat 18-19/09/2015

  • 05:30 Briefing / eligazítás
  • 16:00 Briefing / eligazítás

Sunday / Vasárnap 20/09/2015

  • 05:30 Briefing / eligazítás
  • 12:00 Awards Ceremony / Eredményhirdetés

Propane price: 250 HUF + 27% VAT / kg
Gáz ár: 250 HUF + ÁFA / kg

Entry fee is 30.000 HUF and refund after the last flight
Nevezési díj 30.000 HUF
, amiből a beérkezés idejétől függőena következő visszatérítési lesz az utolsó repülés után:

Entry fee /nevezési díj Entry fee arrived / Megérkezett a számlára Refund / visszatérítés
30.000 HUF 20/08/2015 25,000 HUF
30.000 HUF 28/08/2015 15.000 HUF
30.000 HUF 06/09/2015 10.000 HUF
30.000 HUF after 06/09/2015 00.000 HUF

Entry fee includes / nevezési díj tartalmazza:

  • officials / verseny lebonyolításához szükséges személyzetet
  • electronic maps and rules / elektronikus térképet és szabályokat
  • accomodation for pilot + 3 for the first 13 team / szállást a pilóta + 3 fő részére, az első 13 jelentkezőnek
  • meals three times for pilot + 3 (one meal/day) / háromszor bogácsban készült étel a pilóta + 3 fő részére (egy étel/nap),
  • pilot pack souvenirs / ajándékcsomag

You should pay the entry fee here, please indicate the pilot’s name:
Account owner: Pálhegyi Imre Zoltán
IBAN: HU05 1040 2805 8154 5554 4853 1004
Bank name and address:
K&H Bank Zrt..
1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9

A nevezési díjat erre a bankszámlára kell fizetni, a megjegyzés rovatban a pilóta nevét kell megjelölni:

Pálhegyi Imre Zoltán
K&H Bank: 10402805-81545554-48531004

The event will run without observer. We will scoring physical markers and loggers by the AXMER 2015.
A verseny az AXMER 2015 alapján, megfigyelők nélkül, markerekkel és GPS loggerekkel lesz értékelve.

Six pilots entered to the Event until now. (19:00 19th August 2015)
Hat pilóta nevezett eddig.  (19:00 2015/08/19)

You can fill the entry form here only:
A versenyre csak ezen az elektronikus nevezési lapon lehet nevezni:
(11 pilots entered / 11 pilóta jelentkezett. 21/08/2015)


Electronic Notice Board of 19th Czech National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015

19th Czech National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015, Radesín, 05-09/08/201519th Czech National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015
Radesín, 05-09/08/2015


Final total results of 19th Czech National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015
Tasks results

Total results of Arnost Hönig Cup
Task results

Measuring Report Sheets

Jury Request

Flight #7 – MDD – Cancelled

Complaint and protest, answer for complaint, Jury protest files, Pilot #1 in Task#9-10
Complaint and answer
, Pilot #1 in Task#17

Flight #6 – FIN, WSD, FON

Flight #5 – MDD, XDT, FON

Flight #4 – PDG, JDG, HWZ, FON

Flight #3 – FIN, JDG, XDD

Flight #2 – PDG, FIN, HWZ, MDT, PD 3DT in any order

Flight #1 – HWZ, FON

General Briefing Information
PZs and CLPs waypoint file version 1, PZs and CLPS and Targets waypoint file version 1

Training task sheet, Meteo sheet – am 05/08/2015


1 Měřínský Pavel OK-3366 SATAN CZE
2 Kostrhun Pavel OK-2667 DHL Express XR CZE
3 Kubíček Petr OK-0900 KUBÍČEK CZE
4 Línek David OK-0055 DLNK CZE
5 Habán Tomáš OK-2083 HABALON RACER CZE
6 Szabolcs Garab HA-777 EXTREME RACER HUN
7 Kerschbaumer Juergen OE-RPP PFIZI-PFEIL AUT
9 Dillinger Pavel OK-4021 E-on CZE
10 Suchý Michael OK-0883 Kubíček DEMO CZE
11 Suchý Jan OK-2014 Renč CZE
12 Bareford David EC-LIR BLUE BIRD GBR
13 Bareford Dominik EC-JBF GBR
14 Slonek Lubor OK-7160 SLON CZE
15 Červený Kamil OK-6411 GLOBAL CZE
16 Kubát Michal OK-3008 KAŠPÁREK CZE
17 Škorpík Miloslav OK-9003 Faster CZE
19 Fokken Jan PH-TIR NLD
20 Derganc Michaela OE-SUN PAPAGENO AUT
21 Kalafut Martin OM-4045 VSETÍN SVK
22 Gomboš Pavol OM-4004 MATADOR SVK
23 Hora Tomáš OK-0907 ZÁMEK DEU
24 Schoon Thomas OE-STT TOM TURBO AUT
25 İsmail Keremoğlu OK-1138 IT’S MY LIFE TUR


Wednesday, 5th August

  • 10,00 – 11,00 Registration of the teams I.
  • 13,00 – 14,30 Registration of the teams II.
  • 15,00 General briefing
  • 18,00 First competition flight

Thursday, 6th August

  • 5,00 Second competition flight
  • 14,00 – 17,00 sport games
  • 18,00 Third competition flight

Friday, 7th August

  • 5,00 Forth competition flight
  • 14,00 – 17,00 Hunting the golden treasure II.
  • 18,00 Fifth competition flight

Saturday, 8th August

  • 5,00 Sixth competition flight
  • 18,00 seventh competition flight
  • Awards ceremony
  • Final party

Sunday, 9th August

  • Free flight
  • Or a reserve competition flight and the Awards ceremony
  • Teams departure

Antal Notheisz passed away

Notheisz Antal passed away

Antal Notheisz

It is with great regret that we must inform you that Antal Notheisz, well known as the founder of the Notheisz Balloon Ltd, passed away on 9th July 2015.

He and his company produced hundreds of hot air balloons from 1980. These balloons flew many countries in Europe and some of them was the first hot air balloon in few countries.

We present our heartfelt condolences and sympathies to his grief-stricken Family and to his friends.