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Electronic Notice Board of Balloon Meeting in Őcsény 2017

27th Balloon Meeting in Őcsény, 30th September – 07th October 2017

Measuring Report Sheets

  • Competition map in TIFF format with OziExplorer calibration (13 MB).
  • Competition map in OZF format (15 MB).
  • Competition map in RMAP format (TwoNav, CompeGPS).
  • Track and waypoint file of Gemenc restricted area, 1500 ft (450 m) AGL, 1800 ft (550m) MSL.


30th September 2017
08:00 – 15:30 Arrival (Airport of Őcsény)
1600 – Briefing, training flight
19:00 – 20:00 Supper
20:30 Opening and General Briefing Continue reading

Electronic Notice Board of CE Cup 2017


1st Central European Cup and
37th Hungarian National Championship and
21st Czech National Championship and
2nd Szeged Balloon Cup

Results of the CE Cup, signed results
Results of the Hungarian Nationals
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet of Flight4

Task sheet of Flight3

Task sheet of Flight2

Task sheet of Flight1

14th September 2017 PM Briefing is cancelled

Task sheet of Flight1 – cancelled

Pilots of CE Cup Continue reading

Electronic Notice Board of The Goodyear Farm Tires British National Hot Air Balloon Championships 2017

The Goodyear Farm Tires British National Hot Air Balloon Championships 2017The Goodyear Farm Tires British National Hot Air Balloon Championships 2017
Wolverley CE Secondary School DY11 5XQ
14th – 19th August 2017

Total results final
Task results
Measuring Report Sheets

Task sheet of Flight3

Task sheet of Flight2

Task sheet of Flight1, Task sheet cancelled at 14pm


General Briefing: 14:00 Monday 14th August, at Wolverley School, Main Briefing Room
1st competition flight – Monday pm
Last competition flight – Saturday am
Awards: Lunchtime Saturday 19thAugust,


Number Name Balloon registration
1 Dominic Bareford G-CJGO
2 David Bareford EC-LIR
3 Alex Court G-OURT
4 Kenneth Karlstrom G-KENK
5 David Medcalf G-CHXN
6 Thomas Hook G-HUKS
7 Stephanie Bareford G-CHSP
8 Daniel Gregory G-BTSX
9 Richard Parry G-CDZO
10 Lindsay Muir G-CKMH
11 Chloe Hallett G-LOKI
12 Ian Bridge G-CIFW
13 Marcus Green G-OINT
14 Rupert Stanley G-RUPS
15 Alex Hook G-CBHX
16 Peter Gregory G-OPER
17 Jonathan Tyrrell G-CIAE


Electronic Notice Board of 30th Brazilian National Championship

30th Brazilian National Championship30th Brazilian National Championship
30º Campeonato Brasileiro de Balonismo

Boituva, SP, Brazilia
09th July – 16th July

Online track


Task sheet 16th am
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 15th pm
Measuring report sheet

Task sheet 15th am
Track file of scoring area on Map B in task# 31
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 14th pm
Measuring report sheet

Task sheet 14th am
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 13th am
Track file of scoring area on Map A in task# 21
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 12th am
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 11th pm
Measuring report sheet

Task sheet 11th am
Measuring report sheets

Task sheet 10th am
Measuring report sheets


Pilot’s list

1 Fabio Passos SP
2 Luis Silvestre SP
3 Lupercio Lima GO
4 Rubens Kalousdian SP
5 Markus Kalousdian SP
6 Marcos Paulo da Silva SP
7 Christian Kalousdian SP
8 Amarildo Tozzi SP
9 Valdemir Taveira SP
10 Ronaldo Morales SP
11 Filipe Tostes GO
12 Warley Macedo SP
13 Homero Antunes SP
14 Giovani Pompermaier RS
15 Alessandro Taveira SP
16 Ricardo Zavarello SP
17 Eduardo Libra SP
18 Jonathan Padulla SP
19 Henrique Neto SP
20 Renato Mathies Alemão SP
21 Cristiano Almudim RS
22 Murilo Hoffmann RS
23 Rafael da Luz RS
24 Sergio Jung RS

Electronic Notice Board of Senta Balloon Fiesta 2016

13th Senta Balloon Cup & Serbian National Championship
8th – 11th September 2016


Total results
Task results
Measuring report sheets

Competition map in JPG format with OziExplorer calibration file
Competition map in OZF format

Thursday, 8th September
General Briefing
Free flight Continue reading

Moldavian International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta “AEROBIS 2016”

AeroBIS 2016 MoldaviaNational Sport Club AEROBIS are pleased to invite you to the fourth edition of Moldavian International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta “AEROBIS 2016”. This meeting of friends will take place in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova in period of 12th to 15th of May 2016. We are convinced that your name, as a participant of this fiesta, will become a part of Ballooning’ history of Moldova.

You will have an opportunity to discover our hospitality, and surprising spring landscapes of Moldova.

No registration fees, LPG, accomodation, meals at free. Invitation, entry form.
Contac: Sergiu Zavulan

Electronic Notice Board of 2nd FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship

Logo of 2nd FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon ChampionshipFinal results, signed final results
Jury final report

Measuring Report Sheets

Protest of Pilot#15 regarding Task#6answer
Protest of Pilot#1 regarding Task#6answer
Complaints of Pilot#15 regarding Task#6
, answer Continue reading

The conquest of the skies – balloon history from 1870

The First Aerial Voyage

The First Aerial Voyage

“The title of our introduction to aeronautics may appear ambitious to astronomers, and to those who know that the infinite space we call the heavens is for ever inaccessible to travellers from the earth; but it was not so considered by those who witnessed the ardent enthusiasm evoked at the ascension of the first balloon. No discovery, in the whole range of history, has elicited an equal degree of applause and admiration—never has the genius of man won a triumph which at first blush seemed more glorious. The mathematical and physical sciences had in aeronautics achieved apparently their greatest honours, and inaugurated a new era in the progress of knowledge. After having subjected the earth to their power; after having made the waves of the sea stoop in submission under the keels of their ships; after having caught the lightning of heaven and made it subservient to the ordinary purposes of life, the genius of man undertook to conquer the regions of the air. Imagination, intoxicated with past successes, could descry no limit to human power; the gates of the infinite seemed to be swinging back before man’s advancing step, and the last was believed to be the greatest of his achievements.

Balloon of the Marquis D'Arlandes

Balloon of the Marquis D’Arlandes

In order to comprehend the frenzy of the enthusiasm which the first aeronautic triumphs called forth, it is necessary to recall the appearance of Montgolfier at Versailles, on the 19th of September, 1783, before Louis XVI, or of the earliest aeronauts at the Tuileries. Paris hailed the first of these men with the greatest acclaim, “and then, as now,” says a French writer, “the voice of Paris gave the cue to France, and France to the world!” Nobles and artisans, scientific men and badauds, great and small, were moved with one universal impulse. In the streets the praises of the balloon were sung; in the libraries models of it abounded; and in the salons the one universal topic was the great “machine.” In anticipation, the poet delighted himself with bird’s-eye views of the scenery of strange countries; the prisoner mused on what might be a new way of escape; the physicist visited the laboratory in which the lightning and the meteors were manufactured; the geometrician beheld the plans of cities and the outlines of kingdoms; the general discovered the position of the enemy or rained shells on the besieged town; the police beheld a new mode in which to carry on the secret service; Hope heralded a new conquest from the domain of nature, and the historian registered a new chapter in the annals of human knowledge.”

The Destruction of Charles's Balloon

The Destruction of Charles’s Balloon

The full book here: WONDERFUL BALLOON ASCENTS or, the Conquest of the Skies A History of Balloons and Balloon Voyages – By F. Marion 1870.

Electronic Notice Board – Czech Nationals 2013

Czech Balloon National Championsip logo 2013Electronic Notice Board
17th Czech National Hot Air Balloon Championship Radesín, 7th – 11th August 2013



Pavel Kostrohun

The Czech Champion in 2013 is Pavel Kostrhun

 Results 1 – 15 final

Measuring Report Sheets

Flight 5 – 10/08/2013 pm – Task Sheet

Flight 5 10/08/2013 am – Task Sheet, track of Map A 09/08/2013 pm – cancelled

Briefing is cancelled, next Briefing will be 0530 10/08/2013.

Flight 4 09/08/2013 am – Task Sheet

Flight 3 08/08/2013 pm – Task Sheet

Flight 2 08/08/2013 am – Task Sheet

Flight 1 07/08/2013 pm – Task Sheet

PZs, CLPs and Targets waypoints17:00 07/08/2013 

Built-up area of Ždár nad Sázavou and Nové Město Moravě.

PZ Nr. Colour Coordinate Radius m. Alt. ft. MSL




8307 / 6436



Duck farm

General Briefing Information Latest version of the Official Map in TIFF format and OZF2 format (Androzic compatible). – 15:00 06/08/2013  Event Director’s mobile: +420 722 774 390. List of pilots – 16:00 07/08/2013

1 Suchý Michael, OK-0883  CZE
2 Vomáčka Tomáš, OK-1954  CZE
3 Olšanová Markéta, OK-9004  CZE
5 Vítek Petr, OK-2002  CZE
6 Línek David, OK-0055  CZE
7 Kubíček Petr, OK-0900  CZE
8 Kostrhun Pavel, OK-2667  CZE
9 Měřínský Pavel, OK-3366  CZE
10 Almer Johann, OE-RJA  AUT
11 Hora Tomáš, OK-5010  CZE
12 Garab Szabolcs, HA-756  HUN
13 Koupa Martin, OK-1612  CZE
14 Seigeot Clément, F-HOTT  FRA
15 Kubát Michal, OK-3008  CZE
16 Dillinger Pavel, OK-4021  CZE
17 Habán Tomáš, OK-2803  CZE
18 Staňa Libor, OK-7771  CZE
19 Škorpík Miloslav, OK-9003  CZE


  • Wednesday, 7th Aug, 2013
    • registration for competition – 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
    • general briefing 1:30 pm
    • first competition evening flight
  • Thursday, 8th Aug, 2013
    • two morning and evening competition flights
  • Friday, 9th Aug, 2013
    • two morning and evening competition flights
  • Saturday, 10th Aug, 2013
    • two morning and evening competition flights
    • closing ceremony
    • farewell party
  • Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013
    • free morning flight or spare competition flight and closing ceremony
    • departure of competitors