Monthly Archives: March 2012

Short summary: 20 Nationals in 8 country

Zoltán Pálhegyi's balloonist CV

I directed 20 National championship in 8 different country and two cat 1 Event and one cat 2 Event and the first Junior Pre-Worlds. I was deputy director on the last Europeans and four other cat 1 Events.
I was Jury on Worlds, Europeans and Gordon Bennett. Some more Events are here.

1st FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship will start in a bit more than two months

Today we send you a link to ZIPed electronic map calibrated for OziExplorer and a link to map image if you use other mapping software. Each file is approx. 20 MB large.

Competition rules version 2012 will be approved by CIA Plenary Meeting this week. Thereafter all updated sections of the rules will be published at the event website.