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The last flight is a Black Jack Flights

Black Jack flightWe had 19 tasks already. I asked for another card to make Blackjack. Task#20 is one of the most difficult for the pilots, Calculated Rate Of Approach Task. They have to arrive in right time in right place. The twenty first will be Fly On.
Let’s see who will be the Czech Champion in this year!

Competiton Standings

Competiton StandingsWe had three flights and 10 tasks already. Yesterday evening was a solo flight. Some pilots made mistakes in goal declaration who are flying with copilot.
I’ve to cancell the morning flight but we plan three more flights. Michael Suchy, Petr Kubicek and Pave Kosthrun are in the podium in this monent but the Championship is still open…

Competiton Standings and Photos

Last Task Sheet of the 1st FAI Junior Hot Air Balloon Championship

The Event Debriefing of the 1st FAI Junior Hot Air Balloon Championship will start at 17:00. The last task briefing will start 18:30. The Task sheet is ready: calculated rate of approach task and Minimum distance time. Two take-off is permitted.
Rokas Kostiuskevicius was the best pilot after 10 tasks but three tasks results are not published. The championship is still open.
Good luck!


Latest information:
A cold front approaching the area. Flight will be cancelled on the Task Briefing at 18:30 26/05/2012. No more competiton flight on 1st FAI Junior Hot Air Balloon Championship.

17th Europeans Hot Air Balloon Championship 2011 – new generation

The final results of the 17th Europeans Hot Air Balloon Championship 2011.
The new generation arrived!

17th FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship, Final results

  1. Stefan Zeberli (SUI) 20745 points
  2. Ivan Ayala (ESP) 19729 points
  3. David Bareford (GBR) 19203 points
  4. Petr Kubicek (CZH) 17315 points
  5. Uwe Schneider (GER) 16977 points
  6. Guy Cinquin (FRA) 16967 points
  7. Sergey Latypov (RUS) 16574 points
  8. Christoffer Mundt (DEN) 16157 points
  9. Vytautas Sviderskis (LIT) 16090 points
  10. Richard Parry (UK) 16053 points
Seven flights and 24 tasks.

17th Europeans Hot Air Balloon Championship 2011

We had six flight on the 17th Europeans Hot Air Balloon Championship 2011 .in Lleida, Catalunya, Spain –  from September 15th to September 23rd 2011.




All results are published here.

A short video from the last flight where the markers are falling to the CRT target.