Electronic Notice Board of Austrian and Styrian Championship 2016

Austrian and Styrian logoAustrian and Styrian Hot Air Balloon Championship
Puch bei Weiz, 25th – 29th May, 2016

Meteo information

General Briefing Information (final) – last update 16:30 25/05/2016

Task sheet#5 29th am May 2016
Meteo sheet

Task sheet#4 28th am May 2016
Meteo sheet

Task sheet#4 27th pm May 2016 – flight is cancelled
Meteo sheet

Task sheet#3 27th am May 2016
Meteo sheet

Task sheet#2 26th pm May 2016
Meteo sheet

Task sheet #1 26th am May 2016
Meteo sheet

Jury votes

  • Calibrated official map in JPG format (25 MB, OziExplorer) and OZF format (31,2 MB, OziExplorer and Androzic compatible), RMAP format (26,5 MB, CompeGPS/TwoNaw). – last update 11:00 11/05/2016
  • Rules of Austrian and Styrianl Hot Air Balloon Championship 2016 – last update 06:00 15/05/2016 (The change is highlighted with yellow in II.17.b.)
    The pre posted Section I and II of the rules in German version are not valid. 
  • PZs and CLPs waypoint file. – last update 23:00 05/05/2016
  • Invitation

Pilots (pictures)

Nr. Name Reg. Nr. Balloon name Type Country
1 KUSTERNIGG Daniel OE-RDK Kärnten, Lust am Leben Cameron TR-70 AUT
2 PÖTTLER Helmut OE-ZHP Warsteiner Ultramagic M65-C AUT
3 KINDERMANN Elisabeth OE-SLO We feel Slovenia Cameron TR-60 AUT
4 STÜRZLINGER Gerald OE-ZLR RZL Software Ultramagic MV65 AUT
5 SIMONER Andreas OE-ZBQ Flame Racer Ultramagic M77-C AUT
6 STREMPFL Georg OE-RMS Gordon Ramsay Cameron TR-70 AUT
7 BAUTA Roman SP-BER Nexbau Schroeder Fire POL
8 FRAISL Christoph OE-RCF Reisecafe Cameron TR-70 AUT
9 SCHRANK Werner OE-RSW Jolly Joker Kubicek Extreme Racer AUT
10 SCHÖN Thomas OE-STT Schön Turbo AUT
11 ALMER Johann OE-RJA Cameron Racer Cameron TR-70 AUT
12 DORN Herbert OE-SDH HSBC Lindstrand 69X AUT
13 RESSL Andreas OE-ZHS Raiffeisen Ultramagic S105 AUT
14 JUNGWIRTH Manfred OE-SLW Kaiser Ultramagic M120 AUT
15 KERSCHBAUMER Jürgen OE-RPP Lindstrand Racer Lindstrand 69X AUT
16 KOSTRHUN Pavel OK-2667 RENC Kubicek Extreme Racer CZE
17 POSTL Thomas OE-SAN Accredit Lindstrand 69X AUT
18 ABEL Michael OE-RZU Ultramagic M77-C AUT
19 GARAB Szabolcs HA-777 Extreme Racer Kubicek Extreme Racer HUN
20 MERINSKY Pavel OK-3366 Satan Kubicek Extreme Racer CZE
22 BREZAN Juraj OM-2345 Chivas Ultramagic Racer SLK


Wednesday, 25.05.2016
1700 General Briefing

Thursday – Saturday, 26-28.05.2016

0500     Morning briefing
1730     Evening briefing

Sunday, 29.05.2016
0500     Morning briefing
1100     Award Ceremony
The Award Ceremony will be held immediately after the final results are published.

At the CLP-P (Puch)
09:00 – 11:00
20:00 – 22:00

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