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Oziexplorer and the Android – Androzic

Androzic, OziExplorer maps for AndroidI lost my Garmin GPS just before the Marijampole Cup. I had two possibility: buy a new one or find a suitable Android application. The second was the cheaper. I looked around the Android market because I knew no Oziexplorer application on Android. First I downloaded the TwoNav from the CompeGPS team but it’s free for two week only (after 42 EUR).

I wrote the Oziexplorer into the Android Market’s search box and the result was the Androzic app. The application promised what I need:

‘OziExplorer maps for Android. Tracking, waypoints, routes, navigation. Navigation client that uses OziExplorer maps (ozf2, ozfx3). Great for hiking, geocaching, off-roading, sailing, boating and other outdoor activities. You are expected to be aware of OziExplorer or at least of where to get its maps. Maps also can be created by yourself, but with some afford, see FAQ for details. Can work without maps as a simple navigator.’

Before using I had to convert the map file to Oziexplorer formats (ozf). The Androzic compatible with Img2ozf 3.03 or older version only. You may download the Img2ozf 3.03 from (or Img2ozf 2.08) here what I used and tested. If you are using ozf file already then in the Oziexplorer check your map’s projection: File / Check Calibration of Map. It works with Latitude/Longitude projection only (today version is 0.9.18b).

I had Androzic with calibrated Oziexplorer map already and it works well! 🙂 I used it for maping, waypoints for target places and navigation too. Everything was fine.

Androzic, OziExplorer maps for AndroidAndrozic application features:
• map index, switch between maps, zoom, drag
• works without maps as a simple navigator
• show current position, speed, course, elevation
• look ahead
• show current track, write track into file
• track recording in background (power-safe)
• edit track, view track details
• full track support
• full waypoint support
• full route support
• convert track to route
• project new waypoint
• create new or edit existing route
• load and save data files in in native ozi format
• load waypoints, tracks and routes in KML and GPX format
• navigation to waypoint and via route
• HSI and compass displays
• units configurable
• load best scale map automatically
• load arbitrary map
• show map and user grids
• search coordinates in various formats
• search waypoints, tracks, routes
• search locations via Google geocoder
• trackball and D-pad support
• portrait and landscape modes
• configurable paths

Two things is missing for me from the application:

  1. not supported the UTM/UPS grid projection and no show UTM coordinates.
  2. no waypoints’ altitude

I’m using it with a Samsung Galaxy S and I very like it. If you want to fly with Androzic you need an Android tab with a larger screen. The Androzic is free and an Android tablet much cheaper as an iPad. Have fun!

Dowload Androzic 2.3
Mapsforge maps download server

Final with equal total scores on top

Best marker dropWe had the last flight: Calculated Rate of Approach Task (CRT) and Judge Declared Goal with limited scoring area (Task sheet). 10 pilots drop marker to the CRT but 4 was valid and 5 marker was in JDG scoring area within the scoring period.
We calculated the final result and I was surprised that top two competitors have equal total scores in the Event. We applied the rules 14.8.2 what sad the competitor with the smaller difference between his best and worst scores will be ranked higher. Never seen same situation before on the top.

Marijampole Cup 2011 – Final
2nd Open LT Junior Championship – Final

Was a good Event in nice area and I hope will be great in next year!

The evening results are officials but rainy morning again

It’s a very comfortable Event. We need to cancel all morning flight by rain and we knew it always at evening already. We had time to drink some beer and wake-up before the morning coffee what they serve at 0900.

Rainy morning again

Task 1 results are final and the Evening flight’s results are officials.
Marijampole Cup 2011
2nd Open LT Junior Championship1

We are planning one more flight and the Awards Ceremony and Farewell Party for tonight.

First fly done

Marijampole, Junior Pre-WorldsThe forecast promised rain but we found rain free zone between two fronts and we can fly. Common launch from the city and Hesitation Waltz to two stadium.
13 pilots drop and 7 was in the target areas.

Task sheet pm 27/05/2011

Rules (corrected 1754 27/05/2011)

General Briefing informations (corrected 1754 27/05/2011)

Map + calibrations files + CLPS, PZs (zip, 17,5 MB)

Meteogram pm 27/05/2011

Name, rules, map

The Event shall be known as:
International Hot Air Balloon Competition Marijampole Cup 2011,
2nd Open Lithuanian Junior Hot Air Balloon Championship

We can’t call the Event Junior Pre-World because ‘that the event that you are running this year does not have a FAI sanction so it cannot use the wording World Championship not even if it is a test event’.

The rules are available here and map from here.

Don’t forget Event coming on this weekend. Follow us!

World Airship Ranking List (2010)

BESNARD J.A from Switzerland - 1st WORLD’S BEST AIRSHIP PILOTSThe Commission Internationale d’Aérostation (CIA), part of FAI, has published the World Pilot Ranking List taking into account the results of the 2 world championships for hot air airships (Russia, France). Airship competitions determine the most performing pilots in a combination of speed races navigational perfection and precision flying. Organisers favours such events generally attracting crowds of 20000 to 30000 spectators.

The Ranking List is led by 4 time world champion J.-A.Besnard from Switzerland.

1 BESNARD J.A. Switzerland 25 25 50
2 KOSTIUSKEVICIUS R. Lithuania 8 20 28
3 CONTEGIACOMO P. Italy 11 16 27
4 BAMBERSKI W. Poland 13 13 26
5 GALKIN N. Russia 20 0 20
6 TYUKHTYAEV L. Russia 9 10 19
7 USHAKOVA L. Russia 6 11 17
8 KOERNER E. Germany 16 0 16
9 LINDSTROM O. Sweden 7 8 15
10 NIGROWSKY B. France 5 6 11
11 OPARIN G. Russia 10 0 10
12 FISCHER A. Germany 0 9 9
13 DROZ F. Switzerland 0 7 7
14 SMRCKA J. Czech Rep 0 5 5