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Balloons of Gordon Bennett 2013 started

In 45 minutes, from 5:45 a.m., the 18 balloons flew! The 57th Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett began in a small light drizzle. The 36 pilots and co-pilots (from 10 countries) will try to steal the title held by France with Vincent Leys. The competition can be followed in live on:


For the first hours, the balloons take the direction of East. The routers on the ground will ensure the baton to guide them and allow them to travel the greatest distance. A half of the balloons are still on low levele to East but some of them going around 2500 feet and direction of North. Same destination to everybody:  greatest distance with a 1000 m3 gas balloon in the contest area. Good luck for everybody!

Gordon Benett 2013 start

Gordon Benett 2013 start – photo: Martine Besnainou

Results of National Championships

Three National Championships held on this week: Hungary, Austria and Spain too.

Garab Szabolcs and Konecsni János - in same basket on the Czech Nationals

Garab Szabolcs and Konecsni János – in same basket on the Czech Nationals

Hungarian Nationals

  1. Konecsni János
  2. Garab Szabolcs
  3. Végh Sándor
  4. Nyíri Áron
  5. Nagy Péter
  6. Kádár Róbert
  7. Molnár Csaba

Seven flights, 17 tasks, Event Director: Paál Dávid.

Stefan Zeberli

Stefan Zeberli




Austrian Nationals
Waidhofen / Thaya

  1. Stefan ZEBERLI (SUI)
  2. Roman HUGI (SUI)
  3. Daniel KUSTERNIGG (AUT)

Seven flights, 22 tasks, Event Director:: Mathijs de Bruijn.

Carles Lladó,  Iván Ayala, Carles Figueras

Carles Lladó, Iván Ayala, Carles Figueras

Spanish Nationals

  1. Iván Ayala
  2. Carles Lladó
  3. Carles Figueras

The first airmail flight was 154 year ago by hot air balloon

Montgolfier balloonAugust 17, 1859 John Wise flew from Lafayette, Indiana, to Crawfordsville, Indiana, and carried 123 letters and 23 circulars on board that had been collected by the postmaster Thomas Wood and endorsed “PREPAID” but only one of these historic postal covers was discovered in 1957.

Historically, balloons were used to transport mail from Paris during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-72. Sixty-five unguided mail balloons were released in besieged Paris to communicate with the world beyond the besieging forces, of which only two went missing.

Electronic Notice Board – Czech Nationals 2013

Czech Balloon National Championsip logo 2013Electronic Notice Board
17th Czech National Hot Air Balloon Championship Radesín, 7th – 11th August 2013



Pavel Kostrohun

The Czech Champion in 2013 is Pavel Kostrhun

 Results 1 – 15 final

Measuring Report Sheets

Flight 5 – 10/08/2013 pm – Task Sheet

Flight 5 10/08/2013 am – Task Sheet, track of Map A 09/08/2013 pm – cancelled

Briefing is cancelled, next Briefing will be 0530 10/08/2013.

Flight 4 09/08/2013 am – Task Sheet

Flight 3 08/08/2013 pm – Task Sheet

Flight 2 08/08/2013 am – Task Sheet

Flight 1 07/08/2013 pm – Task Sheet

PZs, CLPs and Targets waypoints17:00 07/08/2013 

Built-up area of Ždár nad Sázavou and Nové Město Moravě.

PZ Nr. Colour Coordinate Radius m. Alt. ft. MSL




8307 / 6436



Duck farm

General Briefing Information Latest version of the Official Map in TIFF format and OZF2 format (Androzic compatible). – 15:00 06/08/2013  Event Director’s mobile: +420 722 774 390. List of pilots – 16:00 07/08/2013

1 Suchý Michael, OK-0883  CZE
2 Vomáčka Tomáš, OK-1954  CZE
3 Olšanová Markéta, OK-9004  CZE
5 Vítek Petr, OK-2002  CZE
6 Línek David, OK-0055  CZE
7 Kubíček Petr, OK-0900  CZE
8 Kostrhun Pavel, OK-2667  CZE
9 Měřínský Pavel, OK-3366  CZE
10 Almer Johann, OE-RJA  AUT
11 Hora Tomáš, OK-5010  CZE
12 Garab Szabolcs, HA-756  HUN
13 Koupa Martin, OK-1612  CZE
14 Seigeot Clément, F-HOTT  FRA
15 Kubát Michal, OK-3008  CZE
16 Dillinger Pavel, OK-4021  CZE
17 Habán Tomáš, OK-2803  CZE
18 Staňa Libor, OK-7771  CZE
19 Škorpík Miloslav, OK-9003  CZE


  • Wednesday, 7th Aug, 2013
    • registration for competition – 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
    • general briefing 1:30 pm
    • first competition evening flight
  • Thursday, 8th Aug, 2013
    • two morning and evening competition flights
  • Friday, 9th Aug, 2013
    • two morning and evening competition flights
  • Saturday, 10th Aug, 2013
    • two morning and evening competition flights
    • closing ceremony
    • farewell party
  • Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013
    • free morning flight or spare competition flight and closing ceremony
    • departure of competitors