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New stable release of oziTarget for competitors

OziTarget new stable release v1.4.5.0Version has been released and ushers in all the design changes to oziTarget to help make your flight planning and navigation even easier than before.

The change log is huge and I have to thank the work done by various pilots all around the world in submitting ideas and bugs along the way.

Here is the list of what is new or changed.  It may be easier to just download it and poke around!

If you are updating, please allow a few days of playing with the new version to make sure you are comfortable with it before heading into a competition.

v1.4.5.0 change log

– Task Rings.  New layout design for a much smaller tool on the screen.  The keyboard is now optional to save space.
– Task Rings.  Ability to draw a series of arcs instead of a full ring to help keep the map clear.

– Windreader Data: New Windreader layout including unlimited entries.
– Windreader data: Data can now be drawn at any point on the map, not just waypoints.
– Windreader data: Data rows selectable so you can draw some or all of the data in the windreader list.
– Windreader data: Experimental windreader data import for Windwatch and Wondsond systems.  CSV files can be read but more checking needs to be done with regards to units and file formats but seems to be working enough to play with.

– Waypoint Tools.  A new tool for seeing the 8 figure grid reference, moving and rounding a waypoint by its grid reference and creating waypoints by just the 8 figure grid reference.  Particularly helpful for fast and accurate entry from a task sheet.
– Waypoint Tools.  Point and Click generation of waypoints so that they include elevation data if available.

– Scoring areas.  Scoring areas can now be drawn as open lines rather than defaulting to a closed loop.
– Scoring areas.  Scoring areas can be drawn on track #1.  Right click in scoring areas to select this option.  Helpful if you are setting up a map and want to edit or work with the tracks further.

– Multiple waypoints.  Tracking of multiple waypoints has been totaly re-written.  Use the context menu to access settings.  Currently limited to tracking 4 waypoints.  Scream if you need more.
– Multiple waypoints.  Multiple waypoints now stores the last used waypoints and re-loads them when you re-open the window so you don’t loose them every time you close that window down.

– Track Hold.  You can now manually enter a direction on the main screen for drawing at a waypoint.  Just a bit easier if your crew give you a surface reading for example.

– Ground elevation data.  If you have your map set up with 3D data for ground elevation then this information can be shown in the main window as well as your height above ground.  They can also he hidden from the HELP menu if you don’t want it or don’t have the 3D data.  Details of how to get elevation are in the help file v0.3

– New limitations on the usage under Trial mode.

– Keypad.  I have written a new on screen keypad that can be hidden when not in use.  The little icon that looks like a keypad (I hope!) will open it from any of the windows that you may want it from.  If you like the full Windows OSK then mine will not get in your way.

– User grid settings added for Transverse Mercator maps (as used in Austria or Swiss Nationals for example).

– New settings pop out on Windreader and Multiple targets (Right click to select settings from context menu)

– Icons now used for most features to reduce the size of buttons and making key items more recognisable.

– All windows now remember their last location.

– Extensions/Plug-in system.  This is a big change so I can work on modules separate from the main code.  The first plug-in is the altitude simulator for sending simulated altitude data to oziTarget when sitting at your desk.

– A proper help file is under construction.  It is accessible buy hitting F1 on most windows or from the Help Menu on the main form.

– Registration can now be entered by copying a supplied “licence.xml” file into the oziTarget directory.  Manual entry can also be done but this solves the issue of typing in a long and complicated registration code.

by Sean Kavanagh

Oziexplorer and the Android – Androzic

Androzic, OziExplorer maps for AndroidI lost my Garmin GPS just before the Marijampole Cup. I had two possibility: buy a new one or find a suitable Android application. The second was the cheaper. I looked around the Android market because I knew no Oziexplorer application on Android. First I downloaded the TwoNav from the CompeGPS team but it’s free for two week only (after 42 EUR).

I wrote the Oziexplorer into the Android Market’s search box and the result was the Androzic app. The application promised what I need:

‘OziExplorer maps for Android. Tracking, waypoints, routes, navigation. Navigation client that uses OziExplorer maps (ozf2, ozfx3). Great for hiking, geocaching, off-roading, sailing, boating and other outdoor activities. You are expected to be aware of OziExplorer or at least of where to get its maps. Maps also can be created by yourself, but with some afford, see FAQ for details. Can work without maps as a simple navigator.’

Before using I had to convert the map file to Oziexplorer formats (ozf). The Androzic compatible with Img2ozf 3.03 or older version only. You may download the Img2ozf 3.03 from (or Img2ozf 2.08) here what I used and tested. If you are using ozf file already then in the Oziexplorer check your map’s projection: File / Check Calibration of Map. It works with Latitude/Longitude projection only (today version is 0.9.18b).

I had Androzic with calibrated Oziexplorer map already and it works well! 🙂 I used it for maping, waypoints for target places and navigation too. Everything was fine.

Androzic, OziExplorer maps for AndroidAndrozic application features:
• map index, switch between maps, zoom, drag
• works without maps as a simple navigator
• show current position, speed, course, elevation
• look ahead
• show current track, write track into file
• track recording in background (power-safe)
• edit track, view track details
• full track support
• full waypoint support
• full route support
• convert track to route
• project new waypoint
• create new or edit existing route
• load and save data files in in native ozi format
• load waypoints, tracks and routes in KML and GPX format
• navigation to waypoint and via route
• HSI and compass displays
• units configurable
• load best scale map automatically
• load arbitrary map
• show map and user grids
• search coordinates in various formats
• search waypoints, tracks, routes
• search locations via Google geocoder
• trackball and D-pad support
• portrait and landscape modes
• configurable paths

Two things is missing for me from the application:

  1. not supported the UTM/UPS grid projection and no show UTM coordinates.
  2. no waypoints’ altitude

I’m using it with a Samsung Galaxy S and I very like it. If you want to fly with Androzic you need an Android tab with a larger screen. The Androzic is free and an Android tablet much cheaper as an iPad. Have fun!

Dowload Androzic 2.3
Mapsforge maps download server