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Europeans 2021

The invitation of 22nd FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship’s process started. We sent out the leters to the NACs at 15th January 2021. Deadline for them to send nominations is 25th February.

You will find the actual informations and all news on the Event’s website:

The schedule of the invitation:

  • Start to send out the invitation to NACs at 15th January.
  • Deadline for NACs to send nominations is 25th February.
  • Individual invitation to Competitors will be sent on 1st March.
  • 1st round deadline for Competitors’ application and entry fee is 28th April.
  • 2nd round start 3rd of May.
  • 2nd round deadline for Competitors’ application and entry fee 31st of May.

Electronic Notice Board of CE Cup 2020


Task sheet of flight8

Task sheet of flight7
Scoring area of task 21

Task sheet of flight6

Task sheet of flight5
Scoring area of task 15

Task sheet of flight4

Task sheet of flight3

Task sheet of flight2

Task sheet of flight1

Pilot nameCountry
1Molnár csabaHungary
2Peter MolnarHungary
3Garab SzabolcsHungary
4Dejan BuzetiSlovenija
5Raffaele MoscaraItalia
6Konecsni JánosHungary
7Becz RitaHungary
8Tóth MihályHungary
9Horváth AntalHungary
10Nemeth ZoltanHungary
11Nyíri ÁronHungary
12Maksym DemchukUkraine
13Nagy PéterHungary
14Simon SándorUkraine
15Kim LarsenDenmark
16Szabó PéterHungary
17Keresztes LászlóHungary
18Morvai TiborHungaryFiesta
19Böddi LajosHungaryFiesta
20Kádár RóbertHungaryFiesta
21Csonka BalázsHungaryFiesta

First record of Auguste Piccard

Bundesarchiv Bild 102-13738, Auguste Piccard.jpg
Auguste Piccard in 1932

On 27 May 1931, Auguste Piccard and Paul Kipfer took off from Augsburg, Germany, and reached a record altitude of 15,781 m (51,775 ft). (FAI Record File Number 10634) During this flight, Piccard was able to gather substantial data on the upper atmosphere, as well as measure cosmic rays. On 18 August 1932, launched from Dübendorf, Switzerland, Piccard and Max Cosyns made a second record-breaking ascent to 16,201 m (53,153 ft). (FAI Record File Number 6590) He ultimately made a total of twenty-seven balloon flights, setting a final record of 23,000 m (75,459 ft).