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Hungarian balloons
Last update: 2005-05-16

On this page you may find all the Hungarian registered hot air balloons, special shaped balloons, gas balloon and hot air airships. Currently the most of them, 45 pieces are in size AX-8, AX-7 are 37 pieces, AX-9 are 25 pieces, AX-6 are 5 pieces, between AX-1 and AX-5 are 4 pieces and AX-10 are 2 pieces in operating. Three pieces special shaped balloons fly and one gas balloon in the category of AA-10, but it no flies just lifting.
For the easier usage you may find these on 4 pages.:

Hot airship which made in Humgary

After the registration number of the balloons you may the owner, which clubs are operating, when produced, when was the last test flight and who produced.
If you click on the registration number of the balloon you can have a look at its picture. The photos are uploaded continuously, please visit us later if you haven't find something.

Hot airship which made in Humgary


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