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Electronic Notice Board – Sky Fair 2013, Kungur


International Sport Competition of Hot Air Balloons “Sky Fair – 2013”

Results of the Event Final: 1-25, 11:00 06/072013

Jury Final Report

Flight #7

Task sheet, Tracks of cross 12Measuring Report Sheet of Task 24Measuring Report Sheet of Task 25

Flight #6

Task sheet, track of MapBMeasuring Report Sheet of Task 19Measuring Report Sheet of Task 20Measuring Report Sheet of Task 22

Flight #5

Task sheet

Flight #4

Task sheet 03/07/2013 am, Measuring Report Sheet of Task 13Measuring Report Sheet of Task 14Measuring Report Sheet of Task 15

Cancelled: Task sheet 02/07/2013 pm, Wind measuring at 2020 02/07/2013

Flight #3

Task sheetMeasuring Report Sheet of Task 8Measuring Report Sheet of Task 9Measuring Report Sheet of Task 10

Flight #2

Task sheetMeasuring Report Sheet of Task 6

Flight #1

Task sheet, track of MapA, Measuring Report Sheet of Task 2


 Pilot list

1 Naidorf Mikhail Найдорф Михаил
2 Latypov Valeriy Латыпов Валерий
3 Starkov Igor Старков  Игорь
4 Vertiprakhov Igor Вертипрахов Игорь
5 Kilmamatov Ruslan Кильмаматов Руслан
6 Minoru Numata Минору Нумата
7 Naimilov Igor Наймилов Игорь
8 Larikova Ekaterina Ларикова Екатерина
9 Xavier For Ксавье Фор
10 Mark Friedman Марк Фридман
11 Kholod Darja Холод Дарья
12 Ekk Nikolaj Экк Николай
13 Vertiprakhov Ilja Вертипрахов Илья
14 Galinskiy Andrey Галинский Андрей
15 Mamoru Endo Мамору Эндо
16 Aleksin Stanislav Алексин Станислав
17 Majevskiy Ivan Маевский Иван
18 Latypov Sergej Латыпов Сергей
19 Vertiprakhov Vladimir Вертипрахов Владимир
20 Dultsev Aleksandr Дульцев Александр
21 Inga Igaune Инга Игауне
22 Chizhov Andrey Чижов Андрей
23 Nasonova Diana Насонова Диана
24 Kuzminykh Dmitriy Кузминых Дмитрий
fiesta Ivanova Natalia Иванова Наталия
fiesta Lukichev Valentin Лукичев Валентин
fiesta Mikhailov Vladimir Михайлов Владимир
fiesta Turicyn Aleksandr Турицын Александр
fiesta Kholod Pavel Холод Павел

General Briefing informationRules

Open Serbian Championship 2013

The Open Serbian Championship 2013 held in Despotovac and Jagodina at last long weekend. We had pilots from Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia. We enjoyed the warm and very freindly hospitality of local people. The weather was very exciting as you may see on the photos but we had three flights.

Open Serbian Championship 2013

The Serbian Champion is Srdjan Srdic and the results of Open Serbian Championship:

  1. Johann Almer (AUT)
  2. Lidija Kosi (SLO)
  3. Silvo Vohar (SLO)
Mammatus clouds in Serbia

Mammatus clouds in Serbia

Ice in the air

Ice in the air


Sunset behind the rain

Sunset behind the rain

Rainbow on the Eastern sky

Rainbow on the Eastern sky

All results are published here. More photos are on the Facebook.

First flight of Dutch Balloon Trophy 2013

The wind measuring at 2300 gave winds of over 20 knts and the forcast was not much better. When a thunderstorm started at 0100 were close to cancelling the first flight but decided to do the windmeasuring at 0300 to see what had happened.

First flight of DBT 2013

What a surprise, winds below 10 knts in the piball and pretty stable atmosphere in the forecast. We can see a flight in this forecast.

The tasks were set, the wind measured again, the tasks were changed, target teams send away. A cold front is coming our way so the task briefing is short and compact so we can start the launch period as soon as sunrise.

First flight of DBT 2013

Within 20 minutes 25 balloons have launched for a fast flight with minimal flight conditions, they are of for a Pilot Declared Goal, Judge Declared Goal and Hesitation Waltz.
Now we are waiting for everyone to come back safely and we can start calculating the results.
What a morning…..

Sanne Haarhuis, Deputy Director

Sanne Haarhuis, Deputy Director DBT 2013

The task Sheet of the first flight on the Electronic Notice Board.

Czech National Balloon Championship 2013

Czech Balloon National Championsip logo 2013Come to compete, fly, improve your rank list position, raise self-confidence, make new friends and see the beautiful landscape of Czech Highlands from above!
Ultimate Ballooning club organizes the Czech NationalHot-Air Balloon Championship, August 7th – 11th 2013. The championship is held under the auspices of the Czech Balloon Federation.

One of my favorite Event: nice people, nice landscape, competitive pilots and good beers.
The Event will run with FAI loggers without observers. Maximum of twenty competition balloons is allowed but 5-6 place is available for foriegn pilots.
You may find the Invitation and Entry form here and information here.

Czech Balloon National Championsip 2012

Measuring Team of Czech Balloon National Championsip 2012

A Measuring Team of Czech Balloon National Championsip 2012

And Brazil it will be! – Letter of CIA president

FAI CIA logoThe CIA Plenary Meeting, held in Rio de Janeiro on March 22 and 23, has finally decided. The 21st FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship will be held in San Carlos/Brazil in 2013. This decision came along after long, difficult and tiresome discussions at the Plenary, but to the satisfaction of a majority of the delegates present. Competitors may now confidently start their preparations.
The Brazilian organisers confirmed the appointment of Event Director Mathijs Debruijn and Deputy Event Director David Levin. They also announced that a non-sanctioned Pre-Worlds event will be held in San Carlos in July 2013.
Detailed information regarding the free transportation of the 70 balloons in 2014 has been promised to become available sometime during the year.
I am glad that the this issue has finally been decided, and I wish all those who plan to participate a lot of fun and perfect competitions.

Buoyant regards,
JC Weber, president
FAI Ballooning Commission

FAI CIA Plenary Meeting decisions

  • cia-logoWorld Championship 2014 in Sao Carlos, Brazil
  • 2nd FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship 2014 in Vichy, France
  • 58th Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett 2014 in Vichy, France
  • 19th FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015 in Debrecen, Hungary
  • Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015 in Drenthe, Netherland

Behind the scenes from Rio (FAI CIA Plenary Meeting):
“The Great politics:
Yesterday evening (22nd March), FAI President John Grubbstrom (not CIA President Jean Claude) at the end of the meeting appealed to all delegates and declared that cancellation of sanction for Brazil will be painful for all of us, because Brazilians will go to international court.
This morning the situation got even worse. FAI President said that if the sanction will be given to Lithuania, he will not sign an organiser agreement with with Lithuania. Organiser agreement is signed by FAI.”

21st World Hot Air Balloon Championship 2014 Sao Carlos Brasil

Graf Zeppelin returns to New York after world tour 1929 – video

LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin returns to New York after world tour 1929After an exhausting world tour over Berlin and Japan the airship returns via the west coast to New York where it received a big welcome and ticker parade.

From 1928 to 1932 the airship was used primarily for experimental and demonstration purposes to prepare the way for eventual regular commercial transatlantic passenger service. After making six domestic shake-down flights, the airship made its first long distance journey in mid October 1928 with a crossing of the Atlantic to the United States. Later demonstration flights included its round-the-world tour in 1929, the Europe-Pan American flight in 1930, a polar expedition in 1931, two round trips to the Middle East, and a variety of other flights around Europe. In 1932, however, the Graf began five years of providing regularly scheduled passenger, mail, and freight service between Germany and South America (Brazil). These commercial operations were the airship’s principal function during this period until it was abruptly withdrawn from active service on the day after the loss of theHindenburg in May 1937 after having made a total of 64 trips to Brazil. During its return trip to Germany on its last South American flight for 1933 the Graf also stopped in Miami (NAS Miami at Opa Locka), Akron (Goodyear-Zeppelin Company Airdock), and the “Century of Progress” world’s fair in Chicago.