Czech National Championship

Radesín, 08-12 June 2011

2011. Jun 10. - PM - Tasks 8-10

Marker orderin order
Lone flight-
Launch Period1840-1920
Scoring Period1840-2040
Launch areaN from 8100
Next briefing0500
Active PZsAll

Task 8 - 15.3 Hesitation Waltz (HWZ)

Specific data

a. position of various set goals/targets

Task 9 - 15.18 Maximum Distance Double Drop (XDD)

Specific data

a. description of scoring area(s)

Task 10 - 15.19 Angle (ANG)

Specific data

a. description of point "A" ad "B"
b. set direction
c. minimum and maximum distances from "A" and "B"

Event Director: Zoltán Pálhegyi
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